Nathan Arias

Bar Lafayette

West of Tokyo




Fig leaf coin


50ml Hakushu Distillers Reserve

10ml Cucumber infused neutral spirit

20ml Lacto-fermented Fuji apple

100ml Wildflower honey & fig leaf soda

1 Mint leaf




‘West of Tokyo’ a modern twist on a classic drink from Japan. This drink is a toast to Mother Nature’s influence and also pays homage to the first cocktail I learnt how to make during a tour of the Hakushu Distillery when visiting Japan in 2017.

When hearing the way this Whisky was described to me, I was instantly interested in learning more about why it had such a unique flavour profile; How the location of the distillery influences what we are drinking really caught my attention but being able to tour the distillery and physically experience the surroundings really sparked a connection to Japanese whisky for me.

Bringing forward the strong nature and earthy forest characteristics of my hero spirit Hakushu Distillers Reserve, I’ve given my take on a Bright, Grassy & Green Highball cocktail reminiscent of the surroundings at the Hakushu Distillery which lies at the foot of Mt. Kaikoma.

We often neglect the power of nature and how it can affect the profile of a spirit, but the Hakushu Distillery is a perfect example of how what surrounding a barrel can influence the end result just as much as what goes into it.

Next Stop: Kobuchizawa Station

Bar Lafayette

In conjunction with The Perfect Blend Cocktail Competition 2020 & World Bartender Day, Nathan Arias invites you to join him on a journey through to experiencing all things Suntory Hakushu Japanese Whisky and find out his inspiration behind The Perfect Blend Cocktail Competition 2020 entry ‘WEST OF TOKYO’.

Tickets will include:

1. ‘WEST OF TOKYO’ Cocktail

2. Suntory Japanese Whisky Masterclass: - Hakushu Distillers Reserve - Hakushu 12 Year Old - Hakushu 18 Year Old - Hibiki 17

3. ‘WEST OF TOKYO’ Glencairn Whisky Glass

Authentic Japanese Sashimi provided by D’s Authentic Japanese: - Tuna, Salmon and Kingfish Hokkaido Scallops and seasonal white fish - Hakushu Whisky infused Wasanbon and sesame tiramisu.

Event to be held 12th February.