Nicholas Francis

Mechanics Institute

Kamikōchi Highball




Rescued rockmelon and wakame biscuit


50ml Hakushu Distillers Reserve

110ml Acidified rockmelon and wakame(seaweed) soda

3 dashes Homemade tincture - white sesame (35%), black sesame (25%), white peppercorn (30%), Green peppercorn (10%)


Pre batch, carbonate and bottle age. Two serves batched Per bottle poured gently over ice spear in highball glass.


A toast to the Japanese saying “Yatte Minahare”.

The saying that embodies the founding father of Suntory, Shinjiro Torii’s pioneering spirit and bold pursuit to dream big take challenges and never give up.

This is a personnel story from my travels to Japan in October of 2017 and my late and somewhat unorganised plan to complete a four day hike in the Kamikōchi region, located in the Hida mountain ranges in the Nagano prefecture of Japan.

Throughout this hike I encountered many challenges which would push me physically and mentally. Whenever I was met by one of these challenges I pushed through, as I knew I would be rewarded with some kind of special connection to nature, be it the fresh water flowing through the mountains that I was able to use for drinking and cooking, the breathtaking views as I pushed further up the mountain. Nature would always push me but at the same time reward.

After completing the hike, a little sore and tired and after many challenges along the way, with my last remaining coins I purchased a Suntory Highball can. Cracked open the can and raised it towards the mountain peaks as I thought of Shinjiro Torii...

A toast to his favourite expression, “Yatte Minahare”.

Mechanics Institute Hospo Party

Mechanics Institute

The finalists at Mechanics Institute have decided to team up and throw a bit of a hospo party, in classic Mechanics style' on World Bartender Day, 24th of Feb.

Our cocktail list will be heavily stacked with Perfect Blend drinks throughout February!