Paula Galvez

Ronnie Nights



Low bowl


Fresh salt bush over big ice rock


50ml Jim Beam Rye

20ml Home made wattle see and Tasmanian pepper berry vermouth

3 dashes Lemon myrtle & Tasmanian pepper leaf




When I heard about the inspiration of the drink, a toast to, it was very easy to get inspired by.

My toast goes to the wonderful land of Australia, the country that I chose as my new homeland.

It is a tough one to decide to leave your entire life, family and friends behind, to live in a foreign country, with a new culture and other language. In this case, it wasn’t that hard to imagine settling down in this beautiful and multicultural country, with plenty of new challenges and a unique flora & fauna.

This is why I knew what to do. Using mainly native spices and herbs from this soil, I wanted to make something special. Utilising Jim Beam Rye whiskey, being one of the most consumed whiskeys in Australia, I thought to make a Manhattan (biggest American rye whiskey cocktail) with a twist, an Australian version of the cocktail with all original and native ingredients. As the “cherry” of the cocktail, I’m using an ice rock to make a commemoration of Uluru, the heart of Australia. An Aussie version of the classic cocktail.

Because Australia gave me the opportunity to grow as a professional chef and now, the new adventure being a bartender, I want to make a toast and say out loud cheers for this country.

World Bartender Day at Ronnie Nights

Ronnie Nights

Manhalia will be available to purchase at Ronnie Nights from 10-24th February. Follow @ronnie_nights_fremantle on Instagram to see more of this drink.