Pippa Canavan

Mechanics Institute

Forgotten Quarrels


Champagne flute


Sprig fresh saltbush


60ml Jim Beam White Label

70ml Lacto-fermented watermelon soda

20ml Saltbush and vanilla syrup

10ml Lactic acid

3 drops Saline solution


Add all ingredients to bottle, carbonate, serve


I grew up as part of the 6th generation of my family on a cattle station up North in rural Western Australia, and we have a long standing tradition which has passed down for over 120 years. There is a rule when you work during the mustering season, which is that everyone must come together after the day’s work to share a drink. When you are out on a motorbike or a buggy all day in burning heat chasing cattle, tensions can rise, and tempers can flare. The knock off drink is a way to come together and laugh off the frustrations of the day, share stories and bond as a team. I chose to use Jim Beam white not only for its flavour, but also because it has been passed down through 7 generations of the Beam family. I chose to marry it with watermelon-a favourite childhood snack from our veggie patch, vanilla and ruby saltbush picked from our station to create a refreshing drink which is a toast to a hard day’s work.

Mechanics Institute Hospo Party

Mechanics Institute

The finalists at Mechanics Institute have decided to team up and throw a bit of a hospo party, in classic Mechanics style' on World Bartender Day, 24th of Feb.

Our cocktail list will be heavily stacked with Perfect Blend drinks throughout February!