Savanna McDonald

Long Chim

Out in the Open


Champagne Flute


Distilled Thai Basil Spray


45ml Sipsmith London Dry Gin

17.5ml Kiwi skin syrup

5ml Lime juice

2 dashes Saline solution

80ml Kiwi champagne

1ml Distilled Thai basil spray


Shaken, topped with kiwi champagne


Out in the Open is a cocktail I created to celebrate something very close to my heart - pride. For many years, I struggled with my sexuality, convinced I had to be and act a certain way to be considered 'acceptable', or 'right', however this year I was lucky enough to meet the most amazing girl who showed me how amazing it is to be your true, authentic self. I created Out in the Open to be reminiscent of champagne, or sparkling wine, the go-to drink of celebration, and while light and fruity, is complex in flavour and texture. It is a drink created for anyone and everyone to enjoy. Out in the Open is a drink ultimately dedicated to my beautiful girlfriend and partner, which is why I chose to use all of her favourite things and flavours to create it; gin, her favourite spirit and kiwi, her favourite fruit. But it is also dedicated to everyone who has celebrated my coming out with me, and the amazing people in the LGBTQ+ community who are always there to support queer people everywhere.