Shirley Yeung

Foxtrot Unicorn

Kaguya’s Dream


Nick and Nora


Smoked beetroot paint


50ml ROKU Gin

30ml (acidified) Smoked beetroot verjus

17ml Ginger and sencha syrup

15ml Egg White

2 dashes Saline solution

2 dashes Apricot and hickory smoked bitters


Shake and strain


Kaguya's Dream is a toast to nature.

The name Kaguya originates from an old Japanese folk tale about a baby found inside a bamboo stalk. Kaguya is thought to be grown from the roots of nature and found in nature's habitat; I wanted my drink to connect back to the roots of nature and how everything can be grown from the earth's love. The smoked beetroot and ginger is used to capture the dirt and soil of earth in the drink, the sencha is used to encapsulate the already existing flavours and botanicals used in ROKU Gin. It exists not only to highlight it in the gin but to also represent the delicate treatment of the tea leaves from the tea fields - something that is often overlooked. Kaguya's Dream is a toast to nature and a reminder that all life is precious, even the tiniest intangible moments we often forget about.

Cheese Pairing

Foxtrot Unicorn

The finalists at Foxtrot Unicorn are running a cheese pairing menu for all 3 of their drinks from 10th-24th February. There will also be custom coaster cards printed which explain the concept of the drink.