Tom Kearney

Foxtrot Unicorn

40 Seconds to Perfection


Large ceramic egg cup


Vegemite mist & toasted nut bread soldiers


50ml Maker’s Mark

10ml Condiment Vermouth

20ml Level #3 char toast syrup

1 Quail egg

1 spray Vegemite mist


Dry shake & wet shake


40 seconds to perfection!

This is how long Maker’s Mark take to toast their barrels to the perfect level.

This cocktail is a toast to toast!

Empirical evidence of humankind making bread dates back to before the Egyptians. They then discovered by toasting this, it improved not only longevity, but greatly increased its flavour. Skip through every tribe of people on earth having their own version of delicious toasted food to 1912, Louis-Camille Maillard describes the chemical reaction that gives toasted food its unique and delicious flavour.

Using Maker’s Mark as a base, a whisky that not only has narrowed down the exact toast on their barrels they need but rotates their barrels by hand ensuring the exact amount of extraction stays consistent throughout all their whisky, I have created a cocktail that reflects my love affair with toast.

Using a chocolatey, juicy Australian sweet vermouth, I have made a wash with a toasted sandalwood nut burnt butter, full of nutty, creamy flavours, without coating the palate with oils. Reflecting all of the complimentary flavours that join a piece of toast in the morning into a product called condiment vermouth.

The #3 char toast syrup provides the sweetness & also the savoury coffee - esque bitterness of the drink. Using a mixture of chocolate & crystal malts (3:1) to imitate the 3rd level char of a Maker’s Mark barrel, have made a thickened syrup with xanthan gum and a hint of lactose to re-create the flavour of browned toast.

In addition to this syrup, I have used a quail egg for maximum creamy texture in the smallest amount of volume.

These ingredients are dry shaken then wet shaken, and fine strained into a ceramic egg cup.

A vegemite tincture is sprayed over the drink, for amazing aroma and to complete that breakfast feel. Because of this, no residual egg smell is noticeable.

Which brings me to my favourite way to consume toast, eggs and soldiers. I have made sandalwood nut toasted shortbread, that is perfect for dipping into this cocktail and enjoying on the side.

So, there you have it, a drink with time consuming processes, that can be knocked together and perfected for the customer in 40 seconds.

And although the process may be time consuming, achieving the perfect toast to toast is definitely worth it, because as they say at Maker’s Mark "If we could make it any faster, we wouldn't".

Charity Donations and Cheese Pairings

Foxtrot Unicorn

40 Seconds to Perfection is available to purchase at Foxtrot Unicorn from now until 24th February. From 10th-24th February, $2 from every purchase of the cocktail will be donated to local and eastern fire services.

The finalists at Foxtrot Unicorn are running a cheese pairing menu for all 3 of their drinks from 10th-24th February.

Tom has also made up gift packs to send to other bars that stock Maker’s Mark, so they can make 40 Seconds to Perfection in their venue.