Zack Garcia

Strange Company

Otherside of the sun


Japanese highball


Pale malt Mulberry fruit leather


45ml Knob Creek Rye

10ml Laphroaig Select

20ml Pale malt mulberry shrub

20ml Black currant + English breakfast kombucha

55ml Citric Acid soda

3 dashes Orange bitters


Shake and single strain


The idea behind ""Otherside Of The Sun"" was to take it back to a few basic things. Seasonal produce, simple techniques & balance.

I'm a pretty big local beer person, so it made sense to dive into that passion and replace refined sugar in my shrub with the ""cereal"" type sweetness given from milled grain (provided by local brewery ""Otherside Brewing"") steeped in hot water, or commonly known as wort.

Another reason for using this technique is because the spent grain from the wort is commonly fed to cattle instead of grass. Let's face it, it probably tastes better anyway!!

Using shrubs & kombucha was really a no brainer, with a long shelf life you can have a full house of preserved juice or tea without having to worry about making more, unless you wanna change flavours!! Plus it's incredibly versatile and healthy.

Knob Creek & Laphroiag Select will add a spicy, smoke punch to balance out the sweetness and vinegar. With citric acid soda to fluff it all up and drive it home!


Strange Company

Other-side Of The Sun - A cocktail based on using old methods and different thinking in a new school world to bring you the most flavour possible.

Without using citrus, vinegar or sugar, we are still able to achieve those flavours. Along with recycling all ingredients is what this drink is about.

First 100 purchases go in the raffle to win a one on one session with myself on how to craft a well balanced, cocktail competition level drink. As well as some other goodies....

Serving at Strange Company Fremantle from 10th feb to 24th of feb. Come check it out!